When: Saturdays -10:00am - Departs from Downtown VIC

                                                            (508 Main St.)

             Sundays - 2:00pm - Departs from Stockyards VIC

                                                        (on Exchange St.)

 - Starts with a Walking Tour of Sundance Plaza 

 - Bus Tour of Fort Worth's Historical and New Areas

 - Stockyards for 30 minutes - Cattle Drive

​ - On Saturdays riders can stay in Stockayrds or Be taken        back to Downtown. Molly the Trolly goes to the   Stockyards and back Downtown on Saturdays.                  

Price: Adult - $25​​

            Child - $20

            Senior - $20

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 Cowboys and Culture Bus Tour

Tours of Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Bus Tour, City Tours, introduces you to the City of Cowboys and Culture. The tour covers the history of the City starting from a lonely outpost on the western frontier, to the days of cattle drives, to our importance in aviation over the last century, to the major cosmopolitan city of today. During the two hour tour, we visit the "red brick streets" parts of Fort Worth, including Downtown, the Hospital District, the Historic Near Southside, TCU/University Area, W. 7th District, the Historic Northside and the Stockyards.  The tour begins with a walk across the award winning Sundance Square. Then guests board an air-conditioned bus for their ride through town and through history ending at the Stockyard's in time for the daily cattle drive.  The Fort Worth Stockyards is the only one with daily cattle drives. Stay in the Stockyards and Catch Molly the Trolley back Downtown or Ride with us on the Cowboys and Culture Bus Tour or another one of our Tours of Fort Worth! See you soon on Fort Worth Tours!